AllScape Discontinued Product Archive

The products listed below were discontinued. To find current luminaire products and information, please consult the Luminaires Portfolio at

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  Family Name Description Spec Sheet Product Type

Floodlyte, Belero, aluminum, 20W T4, 120V Belero Floodlyte Floodlyte, Belero, aluminum, 20W T4, 120V  fl63_v1.pdf Landscape - Accent Lighting

Building Mount Building Mount BL80 Building Mount  bl8081_v1.pdf Wall Mount - Wall Sconces

Floodlyte, Ciello, aluminum, 20W T4, 120V Ciello Large Floodlyte FL-53 Floodlyte, Ciello, aluminum, 20W T4, 120V  fl53_v1.pdf Landscape - Accent Lighting

Floodlyte, Ciello, aluminum, 70W T6, 120V Ciello Medium Floodlyte FL-51 Floodlyte, Ciello, aluminum, 70W T6, 120V  fl51_v1.pdf Landscape - Accent Lighting

Floodlyte, Ciello, aluminum, 50W MR-16, 12V Ciello Small Floodlyte FL-50 Floodlyte, Ciello, aluminum, 50W MR-16, 12V  fl50_v1.pdf Landscape - Accent Lighting

Floodlyte, Ciello FL-52 Floodlyte, Ciello  fl52_v1.pdf Landscape - Accent Lighting

Floodlyte, Baby Belero FL-61 Floodlyte, Baby Belero  fl61_v1.pdf Landscape - Accent Lighting

Floodlyte, Belero FL-62 Floodlyte, Belero  fl62_v1.pdf Landscape - Accent Lighting

Building Mount Building Mount BL81 Building Mount  bl8081_v1.pdf Wall Mount - Wall Sconces

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